Netflix Daredevil has a Kingpin

Netflix is very excited about the new Daredevil series, and now they have announced a villain that is making a splash across the internet. Daredevil‘s enemy Wilson Fisk, will be played by Vincent D’Onofrio. They have also described Fisk’s character, as to “save” Hell’s Kitchen using criminal means. This of course puts him in direct conflict with Matt Murdock/Daredevil (played by Charlie Cox). Murdock sees criminals such as part of the problem in Hell’s Kitchen’s, and looks at Fisk no differently.

daredevil netflix

Daredevil Netflix

Fisk truly believing he’s doing good for Hell’s Kitchen put’s a new and complex spin on the villain. Fisk has always been portrayed as intelligent, and physically imposing, and luckily that hasn’t changed. D’Onofrio is a great actor. I’m a little surprised that they didn’t use some prosthetics or a body suit to make him look bigger. I don’t care how much weight he gained for the role, the Kingpin is a monster of a man.

Kingpin Netflix

Kingpin Netflix


Sometimes you have to sacrifice being faithful to a certain image in order to get the best actor for the role. I still have high hopes for Kingpin and for the show as a whole. He’s got big shoes to fill after Michael Clarke Duncan’s turn (he’s the only thing I liked about the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie) but D,Onofrio is an extremely good actor – definitely an actor who is not as popular as some, but a great one nonetheless. He brings intelligence and sincerity to his roles.

Physical presence and possessing of the intellectual intimidation and imposing force that Wilson Fisk embodies.  He was awesome in your roles from Full Metal Jacket to Law and Order Criminal Intent. I look forward to seeing this show, especially facing off against Daredevil.

Oh, and he’s not entirely new to the Marvel universe. He did play “Thor” once! Remember Adventures in Babysitting? 


adventures in babysitting thor

adventures in babysitting thor





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