Mika Brzezinski Flees MSNBC Studio During Segment on Furries

Mika Brzezinski didn’t know what a “Furry” was, until now.

Yesterday during a segment on “Morning Joe,” Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, and Joe Scarborough were doing a cold read of some headlines. One that came across the teleprompter was about a gas leak at a convention in Illinois. She then came across a term she was unsure how to pronounce, and said “Did I get that wrong?”

“What’s a furry?” co-host Joe Scarborough had the same question.

Willie Geist finally had to take over as Brzezinski and Scarborough couldn’t stop laughing after they realized what the convention was really for and ended with Brzezinski running for the door.

As usual in the digital world everyone has an opinion, and there has been lots of backlash. Many think what happened was mean spirited, and should have focused on the real story which was the chemical leak rather than “publicly ostracize a popular subculture”, as one Facebook fan wrote in the comments.

Thankfully none of the folks there were injured or hurt.

My personal opinion, she wasn’t laughing about people getting ill from a gas leak, she was laughing at finding out what a “furry” was. The first time I heard about grown adults dressing up like a bunch of team mascots I thought i was being punk’d (thank you CSI).  It was a “cold news read.” None of the anchors were prepared for the story — and the odd juxtaposition of the serious nature of the intentional gas leak and hospitalization with the footage of adults in furry costumes — which (sorry, furry folks) does seem peculiar to most people — caused the anchors to break up.

Completely understandable — as I’ve been there back when I worked in radio. Cold read of the obit of Grape Nuts spokesman, naturalist Euell Gibbons (“Some parts of a pine cone are edible!”, back in ’75 — when I hit the line that said he died of “natural causes,” I completely lost it and had to cut my mic. Serious subject — plus unexpected unintentional “funny” can crack up even the most professional news reader. Nothing to get your furry panties in a bunch over. Someone setting the gas leak is the thing to (no pun intended) raise a stink about.

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