Matt Damon Sneaks on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Matt Damon Sneaks on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Finally, after years of being the butt of jokes on Jimmy Kimmel, Matt Damon got in the guest chair on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Sunday night. Well, almost. 

Jimmy Kimmel has a very long-running joke that has led to Damon essentially being permanently banned from being a guest. Even though Damon is banned he found a way to sneak on set last night during the live tapping of the special Oscars episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel- photo credit Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Channel

When Affleck walked out onto the stage of post-Oscars special Sunday night, he looked a little bigger. He had on a button-down winter coat, with a large bulge in it. “I hate to say it, but you’ve ballooned,” said Kimmel. Then Affleck said “I didn’t know tonight was about body shaming”.

Kimmel couldn’t take the mystery so he stood up, reached over and unbuttoned the coat. At that moment is was revealed that inside the coat was… a hidden Damon. He was delighted.  He had finally made it onto the show as a guest. The audience loved it. Kimmel got pissed. “You are ruining my Oscars show!” he shouted, then had stagehands roll Damon of the set in his chair.

If you haven’t heard what has been going on, Kimmel has been making fun of Damon for years. He’s gets “bumped” from the show almost every night. Kimmel usually ends every episode with “Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” In 2012 Kimmel made an Oscars parody called “Movie: The Movie.” Damon had a small clip and it got cut. Then he stormed out of the studio. There was also the infamous “I’m [expletive] Matt Damon” video created by Kimmel’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman in 2008, which probably strained the relationship between them.

Then there is the 2013 episode where Damon took over the entire “Live” show and renamed it “Jimmy Kimmel Sucks,” during which he held the host bound and gagged for most of the episode. The show ends with Jimmy in a skit with Superman and Batman. Jimmy’s character is so annoying that Superman takes him to Mars and drops him off, where he runs into… you guessed it, Matt Damon in character from his Oscar nominated film The Martian. Then as the final credits roll, Damon is filmed sitting on the steps outside the Theater in which Kimmel is filming.


No matter who’s side you are on, you have to admit that this ‘feud’ is the longest running, funniest thing on T.V. over the past ten years.

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