Breaking Bad Finale Alternate Ending

Breaking Bad Alternate Ending

Breaking Bad Alternate Ending courtesy YouTube

The Breaking Bad Finale alternate ending you’ve never seen! Like most great shows, even after it’s over the folklore takes on a live of it’s own. Luckily for fans of Breaking Bad, lead actor Bryan Cranston loves to play along with theories of how the show should have ended.

This video has been all over the internet, and we are sure you’ve seen it, but we thought it worthy to post anyway. It has currently been viewed on YouTube over two million times, which speaks volumes about of popular and successful this AMC show really was. I’m confident this five season show will be looked back on as a tremendous piece of art. Future generations can also look to all of the ideas and suggestions around the finale, trying to decide where this lands on the all time great list.

After the Breaking Bad series finale back in September, the internet was buzzing about how the AMC television series should have ended – specifically, the fate of Bryan Cranston‘s character Walter White. Breaking Bad on a high note, but it seems like Heisenberg had a contingency plan

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (+UltraViolet Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]is coming and it appears the producers have been listening to the fans and all their theories, as they’ve included an Alternate Ending that’s sure to amuse.

Using the idea from the iconic sitcom ‘Newhart’, where Bob woke up in a previous series, this alternate Breaking Bad ending shows Hal waking up and explaining to his Malcom in the Middle wife, Lois, that he had a scary dream where he was a world class chemist who was dying and became a king pen meth dealer.

If you know anything about these two series this video will be hilarious for you to watch. Make sure you have a couple of uninterrupted minutes, it will be worth it!



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